Tixi Modem Modules for OEM Customers

Tixi modems have open interfaces in the hardware, firmware and software.

All Tixi functions can be made available quickly and simply for any PLC and control system, and OEMs or Tixi.Com can integrate new functions in a Tixi modem in TiXML or C/C++. This includes for examples functions for calculating the content of a cylindrical tank from the level by means of floating-point operations.

Tixi modem modules can be integrated in customer devices.
Customer modules (e.g. special I/Os or fieldbuses) can be integrated as Tixi Base Boards (H5-A) in a Tixi modem.


Tixi Hut Line Boards



H5-C  HMI-Board

The HMI Board contains the display and operator elements such as LEDs and buttons. It is also easy to modify.



H5-B  CPU-Modem Board

The CPU Board is available in different modem and memory versions.



H5-A  Base-Board

The Base Board contains the power supply, all I/Os and interfaces as well as the IC bus for I/O expansion modules.



H5-A1 Base Board with I/Os

The Base Board can be adapted to customer requirements, e.g. with regard to I/Os and interfaces. It can be developed and produced by the customer.


Tixi.Com offers

  • Different circuit board versions
  • Different component versions or
  • Proprietary OEM circuit boards and component versions


  • 1A / 2A power supply
  • 1 - 2 RS 232
  • 1 RS 422/485
  • 0 - 12 digital I/Os
  • 0 - 6   analog inputs
  • IC bus
  • Ethernet
  • M bus
  • 2x impuls interface (S0)
  • 1 - 3 relays

H5-B600 Tixi Mainboard


  • Modem (56k/V.90)
  • LAN-Controller
  • WLAN
  • CPU without Modem

Onboard Memory

  • 1 - 256 MB Flash ROM
  • 2 MB - 128 GB Flash Memory

Memory Extensions

  • SD-Card up to 32 GB
  • mikroSD up to 32 GB


Download Datasheet



H5-C1 HMI Board

The H5-C1 Human Machine Interface Board can be adapted to customer requirements with regard to LEDs, LCDs and pushbuttons.

  • Circuit board versions
  • Component versions
  • Proprietary OEM circuit boards and component versions



  • LEDs
  • LCD
  • Switch keys
  • SD-Card
  • Wireless M-Bus




Tixi Hut Line - HM

  • analog 56k
  • LAN
  • WLAN



 Data sheet Hutline