Tixi Wand.Box W600

The new Tixi Wand.Box W600 combines all the well known and intelligent Tixi-functionalities with a big amount of analog and digital in-/outputs and interfaces in an IP65-wall housing with 230V-power supply and an emergency battery.

Choosing the W640 model, the user is able to select the suitable combination of in- and outputs for his exact field of activity.
He can pick the S1-modules by himself and plug them into the 5 free slots.
The model W660 combines typical analog and digital I/Os in one device and offers 1 slot for an optional S1-module.




Tixi CPU-board B600:

The Wand.Box comes with a powerful 400 MHz processor and 128 MB RAM besides a 128 MB FLASH-memory.
With an USB memory stick the memory is expandable up to 32 GB.

Standard:                                             Special options:
RAM: 128 MB                                        RAM: 256 MB
FLASH: 128 MB                                    FLASH: 256 MB/ 512 MB/ 1 GB 
USB memory: max 32 GB                   SD: max 32 GB



The Tixi Wand.Box offers an internal 110-230 V AC power supply standardized.
Equipped with an emergency battery the device is able to send an alarm sms or e-mail incase of power failure.



Option: battery mode

Depending on the requirements different battery life spans are possible, as well as up to 6 years.

Example 6 years battery mode:
19.000 mAh
1 MiniBus meter
1 reading once a day
1 sending once a week

Downloads W600