Tixi Alarm Modems "Talk" with any PLC

PLC protocols integrated in Tixi

The "languages" (protocols) of leading PLC manufacturers are integrated in Tixi Alarm Modems as required.


This enables Tixi to read and write variables or I/O ports without having to load drivers or functions blocks in the PLC.


If a PLC is required to send fault indication messages via a Tixi modem, Tixi scans the PLC variables or inputs in the PLC and initiates the sending of messages automatically, without the PLC having to do anything. 




Other Protocols

There are two options available if the protocol for the required PLC is not integrated:

  • Tixi and the PLC use a fieldbus standard such as MODBUS, M-Bus or
  • A Tixi protocol (TiXML, Tixi bus) is loaded into the PLC.

Further information on communication for the PLC and Tixi is provided in the TiXML and Tixi bus manuals.



Information on the functions of a PLC alarm unit using a Tixi Alarm Modem ...

Fieldbus protocols


  • M-Bus (for energy meters)
  • Tixi bus