Smart-Metering Gateway with many I/Os - Tixi Wand.Box

No wishes will be unfulfilled with the smart metering and remote control box.
Very simple project-specific solutions are allowed by many interfaces and five free equippable I/O-module-slots.


Based on the technology of the datalogger H600 with 400 MHz.-CPU with integrated level converter for 50 M-Bus devices, datalogger and configurable  fault indicator, e.g. for limit value monitoring.


Equipped with a integrated webserver, optional with WebConfig, WebMonitor, SPS-, Modbus-Protocol.


Robust IP65 housing, power supply 230 VAC and accumulator for distress message (SMS, E-Mail) with power failure.

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Tixi.Com - Your partner in energy management

Energy management in the Industry is more attractive than ever.

The reason for this is the rethink of many governments, paying extra dividends to companies, who are willing to pay attention to the DIN EN ISO 50001.

Energy management includes the planning and operating of generating and consumption units. The intentions are resource conservation, climate protection and cost reduction.

Energy monitoring is not only a possibility to collect your data. It helps you to use your energy in an efficient way.

This is where Tixi is at it´s best. The Tixi Gateway can send the data to your SCADA system in several communication channels (analog, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, LAN) and is able to visualize it. For the integration in your head-end systems the Tixi Gateway supports current standards like CSV, XML or http.




Tixi.Com - M2M & Smart Metering Gateways

 Tixi Alarm Modems and Tixi Data Gateways are telecommunication devices that offer fully automated teleservice and Internet communication functions for any system and device.

Unlike traditional modems, Tixi.Com's powerful processor with a large data memory makes it possible to run complex communication protocols that are invisible to the user.

The direct connectivity to any small and large PLC that modems and gateways provide heralds a new era in convenient and low-cost teleservice solutions for industrial applications. System and device manufacturers no longer have to develop communication functions themselves but can simply configure their tasks in a smart modem.


Tixi Alarm Modem functions:


Fault indication unit
In the event of a fault sends alarms via
SMS, Fax, E-Mail and Express E-Mail.
Optional: Acknowledgment, alarm cascading, scheduling.

Remote switching via SMS or E-Mail
of PLC outputs or variables.

Data logger 2 - 128 MB
collects data from PLC´s and sensors and sends it at regular intervals by Fax, E-Mail or SMS.

Web Server
Visualization of logged data and system states via the Internet.

of a connected PLC and of the Tixi Alarm Modem.
Remote scanning of actual values by SMS and E-Mail.

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