Tixi Alarm Modem Feature Packs

Tixi Alarm Modems are very flexible devices which can be easily adaptetd to changing requirements.

Various PLC protocols, features, alarm sets (see below) can be ordered along with a Tixi Alarm Modem or be upgraded at any time later.


PLC Protocols


PLC-Protocol Moeller Easy 400-800, MFD-Titan


PLC-Protocol Moeller PS4 Serie


PLC-Protocol Mitsubishi Alpha XL 


PLC-Protocol Mitsubishi FX1, FX2, FX3


PLC-Protocol Siemens Simatic S7-200 


PLC-Protocol VIPA 100, 200, 300V 


PLC-Protocol ABB AC010


PLC-Protocol ABB AC31


PLC-Protocol Saia Burgess PCS, PCD


PLC-Protocol Allen Bradley PICO/GFX


PLC-Protocol Theben Pharao2


Fieldbus Protocols


Fieldbus-Protocol Modbus (RTU)                


Fieldbus-Protocol Modbus (ASCII)


Data Logging


Data Logging 10 variables              


Data Logging 20 variables


Data Logging 50 variables


Data Logging 100 variables


Web Server


Web Server, 10 variables              


Web Server, 20 variables


Web Server, 50 variables


Web Server, 100 variables


Alarm Sets

FP-AS010 is standard in all Tixi Alarm Modems


Alarm Set 10:   10 alarms, messages, recipients, variables


Alarm Set 20:  10 alarms, messages, recipients, variables


Alarm Set 50:  10 alarms, messages, recipients, variables


Alarm Set  100:  10 alarms, messages, recipients, variables



  • analog 56k
  • LAN
  • WLAN