Tixi Alarm Modem for


The state-of-the-art Tixi Alarm Modems combine all the functions of a fault indication unit and remote control module for your Mitsubishi Alpha XL in one affordable device.

The Tixi Alarm Modem can be integrated in existing systems with a minimum of effort and enables the controller to communicate via landline or mobile networks by SMS, fax, e-mail and Express E-Mail.



The Tixi Alarm Modem can be connected via the RS232 serial interface to any controller and used straight-away. It couldn't be simpler.

As Tixi already speaks the "language" of the controller, it can read and set all Alpha XL contacts and variables without the need to load a driver or function block in the controller concerned. – Changing the controller program is unnecessary.


If you wish to access the controller remotely, our software can set up the telephone connection between your PC and the controller via the Tixi modem. In most cases you can then use your usual programming software (AL-PCS/WIN) to carry out operations such as monitoring, the changing of variables and ports or the loading of a new program – as if your were right next to the controller.


If you receive a fault indication whilst you are away from the office, for example by mobile phone, you can even interrogate actual values quickly and simply via SMS without the need for a PC. Alternatively, perhaps you wish to access the controller via the Internet and view the latest values or acknowledge fault indications. With Tixi modems all this is no longer a problem.


Our  Feature Packs  such as Alarm sets, Data logging, PLC and fieldbus protocols, Web server etc. allow you to create your own fault indication and teleservice system to suit your requirements. Tixi Alarm Modems are highly flexible, easy to expand and can be adapted easily to more demanding requirements in the future.



Tixi Alarm Modem Functions


Tixi Alarm Modems are fully automatic and send status and fault indications to any number of recipients via SMS, fax, e-mail or Express E-Mail... 


Remote switching via SMS and e-mail
Switch outputs, change variables or call up status information by SMS and e-mail... 


A Tixi modem can be used to handle the remote maintenance of several controllers via a telephone line or via the Internet...  



Data logger 2-66 MB
PLC data can be logged with time and date stamp in a nonvolatile Flash memory and sent by e-mail or fax at regular intervals...



Web server in the Tixi modem
Data can be visualized and changed from any Internet computer in the world thanks to the integrated web server...



Web portal with database and machine logbook
A large number of PLCs and Tixi modems can be managed in an SQL database on an Internet server. The logged data can be visualized easily online at intervals defined by the user... 



Communication options: SMS, fax, e-mail
Send and receive SMS in mobile and landline networks, send faxes, send and receive e-mails and Express E-Mails. Pager (Cityruf) ...






Alarming with Acknowledgment


Report faults by SMS, fax, e-mail or Express E-Mail to any number of recipients. Trigger the reports with PLC variables, input ports on the Tixi modem or with the Tixi Scheduler. The messages can contain any number of PLC actual values. Fax and e-mail messages can be any length.

Main features:

  • 100 addresses in the address book
  • 100 user-defined messages
  • 100 PLC variables can be queried or set
  • 100 definable alarms

Alarm cascading:

You can set up freely definable alarm levels (see  Alarm cascading) if you wish to acknowledge messages.  



Remote Switching

A short command via SMS, e-mail or Express E-Mail can switch the optional outputs of the Tixi Alarm Modem and a connected PLC or write PLC variables. The execution of the command can also be acknowledged. 100 SMS switch commands with up to 6 parameters each can be defined as required. PLC variables can be queried simply and quickly by SMS command without the need for a PC.   



A Tixi modem can be used to handle the remote maintenance of several PLCs via a telephone line or via the Internet. This is usually possible with the programming software in place. The variables and I/O ports of the PLC can also be read or written remotely online with the TILA Tixi Alarm Editor. The Tixi Alarm Modem can be configured by remote dial-in and the logged data can be read manually.  

Optimum SECURITY is ensured since unauthorized dial-in attempts are prevented by means of a login procedure with user name and password and/or call number identification. (All remote dial-ins and dial-in attempts are logged.)  



Data Logger for the PLC

Logging of any PLC data (variables, ports) and system data with time and date stamp in the nonvolatile Flash memory (2 MB - 66 MB). Freely configurable scan cycle and logged data volume. The logged data can be sent by SMS, e-mail, fax or Express E-Mail cyclically or event-triggered as an XML text message, as a compressed binary file or as a data record in another format such as Excel-compatible csv format. The memory is designed as a ring buffer.  


Web Server in the Tixi Modem

The web server inside the Tixi Alarm Modem allows system states, PLC data and log data to be visualized and, if required, modified with the mouse from any Internet computer or telecoms connection in the world using a standard browser. The appropriate HTML pages just have to be stored in the modem.   




Web Portal with Database

An SQL database can be used to manage thousands of PLCs and Tixi modems. The data logged by Tixi can be stored, analyzed and visualized here. Access to data is only permitted to authorized users. The system can be adapted easily to customer requirements and is also open for the systems of other suppliers.    


Communication Options


  • SMS
    Send and receive SMS
    - Landline network: Deutsche Telekom, AnnyWay
    - Mobile network: T-Mobile, Vodaphone, E-Plus, O2, Cityruf
  • Fax
    Send faxes
  • E-mail
    Send and receive e-mails
  • Express E-Mail
    Secure sending and receiving of e-mails and data between two Tixi modems using a direct telephone connection in real-time, automatic data compression.
  • Pager
    Cityruf (in Germany)    





Alarmkaskade - der Alarm Cascading - the Multi-Level Alarm Plan

Tixi Alarm Modems can request the receipt acknowledgment of fault indications by the recipient. This ensures that a recipient always receives important messages.

If, for example, service technician A cannot be reached, the recipients that you have defined are notified automatically and repeatedly until one of these recipients acknowledges the message and thus resets the alarm and stops the alarm cascade in the Tixi Modem.    





Tixi Hut Line - HM

  • analog 56k
  • LAN
  • WLAN



 Data sheet Hutline